About the Executive Coaching Roundtable
We are eight accomplished executive coaches who pool knowledge, share resources, and support the learning and professional growth of our colleagues. We also seek ways to support the larger practice and evolution of the field of executive coaching.

We meet three times a year at intensive three-day retreats. Confidential collegial consults, demonstrations of coaching practices, presentations of new research, and wide-ranging discussions about the economy, globalization, and other issues affecting our clients are common agenda items.

Each member of the Executive Coaching Roundtable has different strengths and specialties. What we share is a commitment to excellence and a deep desire to support the success of today’s leaders, executive teams, and organizations.

Although every member of the Roundtable has exceptional coaching skills, we find that our clients are best served through careful matching of client to coach. Please explore the biographies on this Web site, or contact any one of us for assistance in finding the professional with the right coaching experience for your needs.

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